Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking for a home . . .

We are trying to simplify life here at our house and sadly, that includes cutting out extra work in the form of caring for these guys.  If you, or someone you love, would like to add them to your family, we would love for you to have them.

They are both purebred Ragdoll cats, 11 months old, neutered and front declawed.  They are currently about 20-25 lbs. and that is probably their top weight.  Ragdolls are large cats.  They are very friendly and more 'doglike' in their demeanor.  (Meaning, they follow you around, come when called, and are very, very sweet.)

We got them when they were just over 6 weeks old, so they've been well socialized to live with a family.  They LOVE to be held and are very good with kids.

We are asking $150 each (they are usually $250-$400 from a breeder) and will include a bag of food and a litter box.  I can get their pedigree papers if anyone would like.  I just need to contact the breeder and have her send them. 


Socks (he is HUGE - this photo is deceiving)

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