Friday, September 30, 2011


We just got the call today . . . we have a court date!!!

We will be on the ground in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on November 7th or 8th spending time with our kids!  Our court date is scheduled for November 10th, when they will legally be declared our children forever.

Trying to breathe . . . so much to do in a few short weeks!!!

Will write more soon when we've all had time to process.

Hope you're all having a great day!  :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

More Getting Ready

We've been doing some light remodeling - reconfiguring space to allow all eleven kids to have their own bed and space to keep their personal 'stuff'. Before I had kids, I was an interior designer/space planner - I call it B.K.

B.K., I loved to scour magazines and websites and talk with sales reps about the new, cool designs that were coming out. After one year married, life became A.K. Since then, not much time. :-)

However, I did steal an hour today thanks to my husband and came upon this website:

It has some great, affordable canvas prints for kids' rooms (and lots of other goodies too!).

I really love these so far. Hmmmm . . . girls' room or boys'?

Explore Africa Canvas Reproduction

Together Animal Kingdom Canvas Reproduction

Preparing to Travel . . .

We're busy getting the house ready, getting travel shots, and just generally trying to prepare for life with four new children. We have been submitted to court and are not so patiently waiting for word of when that date will be. It could be as early as mid/late October! The courts in Ethiopia have been closed for several weeks because of their rainy season. The constant rain makes travel difficult, so the courts essentially shut down during that time. Hard to imagine if you live the U.S., but that is life in Africa. Once we get the call, we will have to be prepared to fly within a few weeks. Did I ever mention I hate to fly? Really hate it. Hate the thought of leaving my babies here. Hate the thought of being cooped up in a plane for 18+ hours. This, of all the componets of this adoption, is the thing that is testing my faith the most.

Yet . . . after seeing update photos of the kids and getting even newer ones from a traveling fellow adoptive family, I almost cannot breathe most days. I need to get to them. Need to see them, hold them, tell them it will be okay. It is almost impossible to put into words the feelings now that we KNOW who they are. Trying hard to wait on God, yet not wanting to miss one more day with them. Wanting them out of the Transition Home and into our home, with their OWN beds, their OWN toys, their OWN clothes. They are very, very well cared for in the Transition Home, but everything there is community property. They will leave with only the clothes on their backs. Try to imagine that.

I want them to come home to rest and be filled with plenty of food and to be able to curl up in a warm bed that belongs all to them . . . a pillow that belongs all to them . . . pretty dresses and shoes - all yours baby girls . . . a new coat and new shoes that fit and weren't worn by several kids before you - all yours, dear sons. Most of all, I want them to have the chance to be kids again. To not live in fear. To REST. In literal terms and in emotional and spiritual terms too.

We know the road set before us will be difficult at times. We've read the books, gone to the seminars. We aren't kidding ourselves, but we also know without a doubt that this whole journey has been carefully orchestrated by a great and AWESOME God. And as with all things He ordains, there is incredible joy and sometimes fear too. And as is always the case, there is a whole lot of walking in faith. What we've learned over the years of parenting a large crew and especially through this past year, is that taking the steps is worth it. Totally.

Monday, September 19, 2011

And Last But Not Least . . .

Dear son number two - Asa - turned 7 in early September.  He LOVES the lake.  Loves it.  His little heart is so full of joy and he pours forth that joy to all of us.  So, so kind and gentle.

He is sad to see the summer - and another season at the lake - fade away.  He learned to knee-board this summer and could have done it for hours on end if there weren't certain other people waiting for a turn.  :-) 

He has been missing those two front teeth for over two years now.  He was the victim playing a game with older siblings that involved a blindfold, twirling, and allowing him to walk smack into the air hockey table.  Two front teeth, dead, soon to be abcessed, pulled.  I kinda like him this way, but alas, I fear this will be the year they finally grow in.

Happy Birthday dear boy.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Georgia B. turns 2

This sweet little Georgie-girl turned two in mid-summer (catching up!).  She is just the absolute love of our lives.  Soooo funny.  She's talking so clearly now and pretty much constantly.  Definitely a woman!  She told me tonight when it was time to go to bed, "No . . . I not tired.  I going to watch Looney Tunes."

Up next?  Potty training.  I told her a couple of weeks ago that we were going to potty train soon.  So now, whenever she wants to give it a try, she shouts out, "Mommy, I'm going on the potty train!"  Don't have the heart to tell her it's a chair . . .   :-)

Birthday Girl!

Sweet Ava turned 10 this weekend.  Double digits.  Not sure how I feel about that yet . . . still pondering. 

Happy birthday, sweet girl.  You are such a joy to me and your dad.  :-)

This girl is busy thinking of ways to raise money for a plane ticket to Ethiopia.  I think she'll do it.  She's a very resourceful girl!

We love you!