Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carp-e Diem??

As we wait for winter to go away for good, the kids are going stir crazy with cabin fever.  The pond is full, thawed and ready for canoeing and seemingly, a little fishing???

This weekend, oldest son and a buddy headed out for some adventure.  This included among other things, cutting off a piece of their boxer shorts to start a fire out in the woods (these boys are resourceful!), shooting airsoft rifles and going down to the pond to see what they could see. 

Our pond is basically a glorified mud puddle.  It was completely dried out this summer except for a small little area that is a little deeper than the rest.  Seriously, we were walking around down there this fall and having nature hikes IN THE POND.  Like, IN it.  Dry as a bone.

Somehow, do not ask me how, they found these three beauties floating along the side.  Seems they were probably frozen over the winter and were thawed 'loose' by the warmer weather and snow/rain.  Now, I cannot tell you how shocking it was to see these huge and VERY smelly fish.  Carp, I'm told.  Who knew?  All the time we've lived here we have never seen a fish, never even considered they could be there as the pond has dried up twice since we've been here.

Turned out to be a really great day for a couple of 13 year old boys . . .

 This is the hand of our 11 year old for a size comparison. Rob's foot is just to the right.

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, February 21, 2011


We are patiently waiting on our referrals, praying for a certain little boy (still can't reveal details!), and ALL getting older.  Most of our family turns another year older in the winter months.  All but one have fall and winter birthdays so from September on we have LOTS of parties.  Throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's and you can imagine the present buying/wrapping/receiving.  It is so much fun.

This year, my cake was made by oldest daughter - layers of fruit from the summer's harvest - I wonder if she's trying to tell me something?!  Really, it was refreshing and nice to lighten up after all the eating over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are needin' some serious exercise over here!  Looking forward to soccer and baseball this spring.

Oldest daughter turned 15 this year.  YIKES!  Where has the time gone?  Seems like a day ago that she was running around with a head full of curls.  You know when older folks tell you to enjoy the time because it goes so fast?  Well, I'm here to tell you, I GET IT.  Incredibly sad and exciting all at the same time and it seems the older you/they get, the faster it goes.  ENJOY it.  Make the most of the time and be purposeful with the days you have together.  I am trying more and more to not say "we'll do it later" with all of my kiddos.  Later is getting here WAY too soon for my liking.

This sweet girl has been such a joy to our family and such a great big sister.  She loves to write and loves photography and has started her own blog which you can see here:

More posts coming soon.  I am so hoping to be able to reveal some very good news.  Waiting on our agency, going before God daily and praying for a miracle. 

Hope you all have a great Monday!