Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Sale Success

We had a great two days of garage sale fun.  We made a good amount of money for our time and this mama is so happy to not have to bring a lot of stuff back into the house! 

Thank you to everyone who donated goodies for us to sell and a big thank you to our dear friends who hung out with us and helped tremendously (coffee - THANK YOU!, taking money, smiling and selling sweet treats!)

I have to thank my great kids and hubby too.  We have a knack for pulling together to get a job done, but  I promise - no more garage sales guys.  :-)  We are so ready for summer and time for rest and fun.  This has been a long year of school and work.  It was starting to feel like we'd never make it to the finish line, but here we are!  And not one minute too soon.

Hope this is a blessed week for you all.


  1. We had a last minute fundraiser yard sale this weekend too! I forgot how exhausting yard sales can be. Those bottle cap magnets are super-cute!


  2. HAPPY SUMMER! Glad you pulled off a great garage sale last minute!