Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Jewelry Designs

These are the fundraising necklaces I've designed for our adoption. I'm also very willing to customize and put any photo(s) and/or sayings you'd like in the pendant. They would make a great mother's pendant with baby's photo one one side and name and birth date on the back. If you're interested in a custom pendant, leave me a note in the comments section and I'll get back to you. All I need is a photo sent via email and the text you'd like on the back. These are 1"x1" glass pendants with a silver solder frame, made by me. Cost is $25.00 each. They come with a 'dog tag' type chain. These are water resistant, but not waterproof and should not be worn while bathing or swimming. :-)


  1. Jennie - I just posted this link on the Congo adoption Yahoo group. I hope it sends some business your way! The necklaces are beautiful!

    Angie W.

  2. I just saw the link that Jennie posted...will you be offering any with the heart on the DRC? (Preferably over the Bukavu region, for us) :)

    Thank lots!

  3. Heidi, I'm making two tonight with the heart over DRC. The heart fits nicely over DRC covering most of the country. I can customize to just about anything you can imagine. I've done some fun vintage photos with sassy sayings on the back as well as photos of children with name and birthdate on back.

  4. Thank you, just got my necklace. It's lovely. Can it be worn in a shower or should I take it off?

  5. Inga,

    So glad you like it! They are water resistant, but definitely NOT waterproof. You should not wear it in the shower or go swimming in it, etc. Thanks again!