Sunday, March 4, 2012


Since bringing our new kiddos home, we've been on a bit of a learning curve when it comes to hair.  Thankfully, we have some really great AA friends who have shared their secrets for great hair and we're starting to get it down (I think!).  Hair has become much more of a daily focus around here. No more quick brush-it-out, throw-it-in-a-ponytail-and-go. Now we have misting and moisturizing and sometimes puffs. Can't just brush and go with the new girls. 

The girlie side of me loves having all these new products to try out and two sweet little girls to practice on.  Luckily, they're game for it.  Hoping by practicing now, they'll be used to sitting still when their hair grows out and is ready for more complicated styling.  And now, our 'normal'-haired girl, Georgia Boo, wants mama to put a little of that shea butter in her hair!  Jealous, jealous, jealous!

I came across this video on fellow adoptive mom's blog when I was looking for more hair ideas.  It is so funny, but also really clever and leads right to the best place of all.  Gotta love that . . .

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  1. It is amazing how much time hair can consume, isn't it? Sometimes I feel like much of my day is either spent doing hair or thinking about hair. It's fun to learn about though. Today we learned a hard lesson about what happens when I send a 6-year old to school with loose hair -- Oh, is it full of carpet fuzz! Time to put braids in tomorrow! Enjoy the fun of hair!