Monday, April 4, 2011

We're Getting Closer!

As of Sunday, we are officially . . .

. . . months DTE (dossier to Ethiopia)!! This is good news because it means we're that much closer to our referral date.  I have to confess it seems like we've been waiting much longer than seven months.  Praying and hoping we'll get good news soon.  We would love to have these kiddos home before summer ends.

We are officially number . . .

. . . on the waiting list for twins or siblings age 0-4 years, and number . . .

. . . on our agency's waiting list for unrelated children age 0-4 years!

Since the Ethiopian government has re-structured the department that writes approval letters for adoption, subsequent referrals, court dates and embassy dates seem to be moving more smoothly and efficiently.  This is GOOD news for all waiting on referrals and GOOD news for orpans waiting on a forever family to come to them.  With the current movement we've seen, we're hoping for a referral in the next two months.  Optimistic, but that is exactly what we're praying for.

Hope you all are enjoying the rain today.  :-)


  1. We are praying with you! :) Angi & Tim Cooper

  2. Oh, lovin' the movement! Praying it continues! Would be great to travel together, huh!?!? :)

  3. Ohhh, I'm thrilled to see this! My mom just asked me where 'Rob's family' might be in their adoption. The wait can be so long--we waited 9 months (very funny after the fact) exactly. That was UNHEARD of back then. Certainly can't wait to hear news of The Call!