Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carp-e Diem??

As we wait for winter to go away for good, the kids are going stir crazy with cabin fever.  The pond is full, thawed and ready for canoeing and seemingly, a little fishing???

This weekend, oldest son and a buddy headed out for some adventure.  This included among other things, cutting off a piece of their boxer shorts to start a fire out in the woods (these boys are resourceful!), shooting airsoft rifles and going down to the pond to see what they could see. 

Our pond is basically a glorified mud puddle.  It was completely dried out this summer except for a small little area that is a little deeper than the rest.  Seriously, we were walking around down there this fall and having nature hikes IN THE POND.  Like, IN it.  Dry as a bone.

Somehow, do not ask me how, they found these three beauties floating along the side.  Seems they were probably frozen over the winter and were thawed 'loose' by the warmer weather and snow/rain.  Now, I cannot tell you how shocking it was to see these huge and VERY smelly fish.  Carp, I'm told.  Who knew?  All the time we've lived here we have never seen a fish, never even considered they could be there as the pond has dried up twice since we've been here.

Turned out to be a really great day for a couple of 13 year old boys . . .

 This is the hand of our 11 year old for a size comparison. Rob's foot is just to the right.

Hope you all have a great week!

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