Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update from Ethiopia - Part 3

This trip was spent for the most part at two schools - Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory - which have been founded and are supported by Children's Hopechest.  All of the children who attend are sponsored by families and their kindness allows these children to receive an education and one good meal a day.  They would not have access to an education otherwise and many would not have a decent meal either.  Especially at Trees of Glory which is located about 65 kilometers outside of Addis Ababa and is in a very economically poor region of Ethiopia.  This travel group had the incredible privilege of delivering care packages to each of the children at both carepoints.  Most included gifts, clothing, photos and letters from their sponsor families.  These photos were taken by Karen Wistrom (she is heading up the trip) at Kind Hearts school.   Rob's computer is, in his words "fried", so he can't download his photos.  They have taken hundreds so we'll be able to post more and hopefully a video when they get home.

Is he not the most precious little guy you've ever seen? Rob is reading his letter while the gentleman on the left (he works and teaches at the school) intreprets.

This trip has been life changing for Rob and our kids.  For us all, it has made everything 'real'.  Real people, real poverty, real beauty.  Such incredible, loving, kind people.  Such an amazing culture.  They have all been journaling A LOT and we hope to share once they get home.  Here is O---a helping act out a story for the kids:

And playing with the kids at Kind Hearts.  She is the consummate big sister.  At almost fifteen, she is such a beautiful girl inside and out.  I look forward to watching her grow into adulthood.  Big things ahead for this girl.

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