Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moving Along

Our homestudy report is done, approved and here in our hot little hands! Monday it goes off to U.S. Immigration and then we wait. We are praying for efficient employees and a quick return with the required paperwork to add to our dossier. THEN . . . its off to Ethiopia with our dossier. We will then wait (we're becoming very good at waiting!) until we hear from our agency that we have a referral of a sibling group or two unrelated children. It is so good to be almost done with our end of the process. We continue to be amazed at God's provision and His timing and how He increases our faith daily in so many areas. This whole process has stretched us as a couple, as parents and as individuals. Sometimes in hard and uncomfortable ways, sometimes in ways that are so sweet. Always in ways that are good.

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  1. Jennie -

    I wanted to make sure that you know that when you get your fingerprint appt, the Indy office actually doesn't make you wait for your appt. time. Once you have the letter, you can take it in anytime to get fingerprints. If you do this, let me know b/c I can share with you the mistake we made so that yours can go faster than ours! We're still waiting for our 171H even though we filed our 600A on May 1.